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Louder Than Words (2019)

Short film | Drama

Starring Lara Steward and Julian Peedle-Calloo.


‘Ana’ has been separated from her Husband ‘Simon’ for the best part of a year. As she attempts to rebuild her life she adopts old routines in order to feel some sense of normalcy among the loneliness. On a trip to the local annual Dance Show, she bumps into him once again and they must finally face up to all that they have been avoiding within their relationship. ‘Ana’ and ‘Simon’ also happen to be Deaf.

Produced by One Thousand Eyes In Association with the Royal Association for Deaf People

Written & Directed by Dann Emmons

Produced by Matthew Critchfield and Dann Emmons
Director of Photography - Luke Harper
Editor - Stephen Bevan

Sound Design & Mixing - Toby Campen
Composer - Nathan Neuman

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