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Key Credits:

"Portrait of an Artist: Deva St John"    One Thousand Eyes  |  Commercial
"Kids Halloween"    Primark  |  Commercial
"Forever Cuba"    Thomas Cook  |  Commercial
"Autumn / Winter Collection"    People Tree  |  Commercial
"Cambridge University - COVID Response"    Intel  |  Branded
"Dragon Medical One"    Microsoft / Nuance  |  Commercial 
"Dragon Professional"    Microsoft / Nuance  |  Commercial
"Dragon Legal"    Microsoft / Nuance  |  Commercial
"Anywhere In The World"    Tom Seth Johnson  |  Music Video
"I Could Love You Better"    Slaney Bay  |  Music Video
"Die"    Deva St John  |  Music Video
"Hard to take"    Split The Dealer  |  Music Video
"Dreamstate"    Split The Dealer  |  Music Video
"Harmony"    Split The Dealer  |  Live Music Performance

Represented by Ben Freeden at The Screen Talent Agency

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